Rieman Music Buy Back Program Details

Purchase a Student Band Instrument Outright and SAVE BIG!

Buy any student band instrument that features this program and we guarantee we will buy it back from you if need be, no questions asked.
MOST PARENTS want to see their children succeed in band and would be happy to invest in a quality instrument if they knew for sure their child would stick with it.
ALL PARENTS want to save money, this program is for you!
Not only will we give you a generous discount off the purchase price, we also guarantee we'll buy it back should your or your child's situation change.
We will buy your instrument back for the full purchase price less what our standard monthly rental fee would have been for the instrument times the number of months it was in your possession. You will save considerably in the long run if your child continues to be involved in school band because of the substantial discount you received for Buying Outright.
If you take advantage of this program and your child doesn't continue, you will have only paid for the rental of the instrument while you had it . It is by far the best value and most economical way to get your children involved in school music. The school music program is one of the most affordable activities you can get your children involved in.

*We will give you the full purchase price less a monthly rental fee so long as you are either: [A] enrolled in Rieman Music's Repair and Maintenance Program which covers 100% of the cost of any parts or repairs needed to keep the instrument in good playing condition. Or [B] the instrument is in good playing condition upon it's return and has no damage beyond normal wear and tear. In the event repair work needs to be performed on the instrument, the cost of such work will be deducted from the buy back price. If you are enrolled in our optional repair and maintenance program, any such repairs will be covered and won't be deducted from the buy back price.