Buy Outright And Save!
Let us know which instrument you are interested in buying outright and we will E-Mail you the best possible price.
With our BUY BACK PROGRAM, we also guarantee to purchase the instrument back from you if your child should decide to discontinue playing. The buy back price we offer is the full amount you paid, less what our monthly rental would have been for the duration you had the instrument.


If you bought a $900 instrument with a savings of $270 for buying outright, the instrument would cost you $630 plus tax. If your child quit playing after 2 months, we would give you back $572, after 3 months, $543 and so on.
This example is based on a horn that rents for $29 per month. There is no time limit to this, however there will come a point when the monthly rent deduction will exceed the amount you paid for the instrument. In this example, 22 months of rent deducted from the purchace price would be $638 which is greater then the original price.
Most students that choose to discontinue playing, do so right away, leave after the first semester or end of the school year. If your child continues on to the second year, you've saved substantial money verses renting. If your child doesn't continue, you're no worse off than if you had rented from the beginning. Everyone Wins!!

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