FAQ About Rieman's Rent To Own Program:

What instruments are available in the rent to own program?

The program is designed for beginning level school band instruments. It includes: trumpets, trombones, flutes, clarinets, alto saxophones, bell and snare drum kits.

Can I upgrade to an intermediate instrument down the road?

New to Rieman's is the "Soloist" step up horn program which allows you to apply the equity you've been building to an intermediate level instrument.

Where do I go to rent?

Stop in any of our 6 locations or attend your child's school "band rental night." We will have sales representatives on hand to assist you, answer questions and offer expert advice. Check with your band director to find the date and time. Student horns can also be delivered to your childs school any time during the normal school year.

Can I rent online?

Yes, you can rent online. Click here to rent online now.

What paper work is required?

Our simple, one-page rental contract takes about five minutes to fill out. You provide name, address, and phone number for the adult renter, name and school information for the student, your major credit card (VISA, MasterCard, or Discover) as credit reference and ID, your initial payment (subsequent payments may be made with the above mentioned credit cards, or by automatic withdrawal from your checking account), and you're done!

Is there a deposit required?

No cash deposit is required for our rental program — just your first monthly payment. Your ID and major credit card serves as sufficient identification and credit reference.

Do my payments go toward the purchase of the instrument?

Though you are not committed to purchase, yes. Except for a small service charge on the declining balance of your account with us, your entire rental payments are applied to the purchase of your rental instrument. In most cases, you will own your instrument after a couple of years of payments, and, should you decide earlier than this to buy the instrument, you may certainly do so.

Do I have a choice between new or used?

Based on availability, yes. We start each season with a broad selection of new instruments, as well as instruments which have been previously rented or traded in. During the earliest part of the school year, this selection changes hourly, but we'll do our best to have what you need.

What if my child stops playing?

You simply return your instrument to any Rieman Music location or have your child leave it at school with the band director. The possibility that your child may not continue to play is precisely why we make the rental program available. If you choose to leave the instrument with the band director we ask that you notify our bookkeeping dept. at (800) 372-6051. We will then make arrangements to have it picked up and end your rental. Provided your account is paid up-to-date, you have no further obligation.

Who is responsible for repairs?

Though you are responsible for repairs and care of your rental instrument while you have it, we do make available a service contract that helps take the risk out of your rental. For an additional few dollars a month, our "Repair and Maintenance" program will take care of any repairs to your rental instrument at no additional charge. "R and M" also provides for replacement of your instrument should it be stolen or catastrophically damaged (police report required in the event of theft).
Exceptions: deliberate misuse or abuse of the instrument voids the coverage as determined by our technicians. Drumsticks, drumheads, mallets and accessory items such as lyres, oil, cork grease, swabs and other cleaning supplies are not covered.

How may I return the instrument?

Either by returning the instrument to any Rieman Music store location, or to your child's school band director. If returning the instrument to the school, you must notify our bookkeeping dept. at (800) 372-6051. Provided your rental account is paid up-to-date, you have no further obligation.