Use your equity, you've earned it!

If you are a currently renting to own an instrument from Rieman Music, up to 100% of the equity you've earned will be applied to the purchase of the new horn.

Transfer up to 100% of your rent equity up to a full 18 months after your initial rental.

1 - 18 Months 100%
19 - 28 Months 80%
29 - 36 Months 70%

Player Benefits

  • Improved musicianship
  • Pride of ownership
  • Improved self-esteem
  • More incentive to practice

In A Nut Shell

Rieman's Step Up Program is an affordable way to get young musicians playing more advanced instruments.
Instruments can be purchased outright or rented on a month to month basis with each payment applied to the purchase price.

How It Works

The program works the same way our rent to own does. You rent one month at a time and your payment goes toward owning the instrument. You are never under any obligation beyond one month. You may return the instrument at any time with no penalty.

Soloist Horns

"Soloist" branded horns are a line of instruments developed specifically for this program by the major manufacturers including: Bach, Selmer, Le Blanc, Holton and Yamaha's branded "Allegro" instruments.

A Good Investment

Parents will be investing in a high quality instrument with the security of a 5 year warranty. The band director gets a better sounding ensemble and more dedicated players. For only a few dollars per month more than your current rental you get the benefits of a Performance level instrument.

It Doesn't End Here

In the future you may elect to move up to an Artist level instrument and take your equity with you again!

Repair And Maintenance

Our famous Repair and Maintenance service is available for only $8/month.