I have played guitar for over 45 years now. For 32 years of the 45 years I have been a serious student of the instrument myself. I have studied many of the greats and produced CD ROMs that were loaded with examples of those players. In the CD Rom Guitar Magic, I illustrated my knowledge of guitar styles, music theory and my understanding of the fret board. It was written up in guitar player magazine as one of the best CD ROMs to buy.

I have written over 20 books, of which five are on Amazon now. My books were best sellers in Houston where I also had a weekly TV program teaching guitar to a large audience. As a teacher I have taught some players who were in famous groups. In FL I taught Mark Tremontie the guitarist for Creed. In addition to guitar I have studied piano, violin, banjo, mandolin, and other instruments like the Chapman stick. I am able to teach beginners as well as advanced students. I feel I can offer unique cutting edge concepts to help students achieve their desires to play music.