Kawai K-400 Professional Upright Piano

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Product  K-400-EP

The uniquely practical 48" K-400 features a grand-style music rack that places music at eye level and provides a solid surface for sheet music and oversized music books. A New England Style, dual-hinged fallboard adds to its distinctive appeal.

  • Exclusive Millennium III Upright Action wirh ABS-Carbon Composite
  • Grand-Style Music Rack (37" L x 10" H)
  • New England Style Dual-Hinged Fallboard
  • Award-Winning Specifications of the K-300
  • Height Adjustable Bench

Available in Polished Ebony

Model: K-400-EP
Manufacturer: Kawai

Kawai K-400 Professional Upright Piano

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SKU:  ae00-45955^K-400-EP
Product  K-400-EP
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