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Rieman Music Lease Program

Give your child the best chance for success.

Our lease program is designed specifically for beginning music students. It's an affordable option for parents to get their children involved in the school music program with no long term financial risk. We have Iowa's largest collection of fine hand carved instruments as well as a selection of machine made instruments.


  • Low monthly payments.
  • Equity transfers on string instruments as you change sizes.
  • Two years of continuous lease payments apply to the purchase of a new instrument of the same type.
  • Low cost repair and maintenance coverage available.

    Before going through the lease on-line process, please consult your instructor for proper sizing.


    Have the peace of mind knowing there will be no unexpected repairs or replacement costs.

    For a few extra dollars per month, you may enroll in our optional repair and maintenance program. This invaluable program covers 100% of the cost of any repairs, accidental damage or loss of the instrument. Whether just routine maintenance or a mishap, we have you covered. So long as the damage isn't deliberate or a result of intentional misuse, you will have no unexpected expense. The cost of strings and the replacement of strings are not included in this program.

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