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For the discerning and
experienced player, or for those who simply want the best possible instrument!

From Germany, France,
Italy, Czechoslovakia and the US, we have the largest selection of stringed instruments in Iowa.

Stop in our URBANDALE location and see our collection of hand carved, heirloom-quality violins and violin-family instruments.
We offer beginning students an affordable lease program. Lease a stringed instrument and build equity while you grow into a full sized instrument. 100% of your payments for up to two years may then be applied toward the purchase price. Please click HERE for lease program details.
String Sales - 800-962-3658
Strings Located In Our Urbandale Store.

Hand Carved Violins More Hand Carved Violins Less Than Full Size Hand Carved Violins Hand Carved Violas Cellos & Basses Our Lease Violin

Don't see what you're looking for? Call us at 800-962-3658, we have six Locations in Iowa. Product shown on this site is just a sample of what we have in stock.
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