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   Oliver's Birthday [trumpet]
   20 Recital Duets [trumpet]
   25 Chorales [trumpet 4tet]
   26 Intermediate Jazz Duets [trumpet]
   30 Melodious Duets [trumpet]
   67 Bugle Calls [trumpet]
   A Hymn For The Lost And The Living
   A Song from the Heart [trumpet]
   Aftershock - A Response to 9/11 [trumpet]
   Allegro (Allegro de Concours) w/cd [trumpet]
   Allegro [trumpet]
   Allegro Scherzando [trumpet]
   Altair [trumpet] Vandercook
   American Boy [trumpet]
   Andante and Allegro [trumpet]
   Andante et Allegretto [trumpet]
   Andante et Allegro [trumpet]
   Andante Et Scherzo [trumpet]
   Antares [trumpet]
   Arbutus [trumpet/bari tc]
   Arcturus [trumpet]
   Ave Maria For Trumpet W/piano By Gounod/
   Ave Verum Corpus [2 Trumpets & Keyboard]
   Awake the Trumpet’s Lofty Sound [6 Trumpets]
   Balkan Play-Along Trumpet w/cd
   Beethoven's Fifth Symphony [trumpet]
   Belwin Master Duets Vol 1 [trumpet duet]
   Belwin Master Duets Vol 2 [trumpet duet]
   Belwin Master Solos Vol 1 ADV [piano accp trumpet]
   Belwin Master Solos Vol 1 ESY [trumpet]
   Belwin Master Solos Vol 1 ITM [piano accp trumpet]
   Belwin Master Solos Vol 1 ITM [trumpet]
   Best of Herbert L Clarke [trumpet]
   Big V [8 Trumpets & Opt. Rhythm Section]
   Bolero [6 Trumpets]
   Bugler's Holiday [trumpet trio]
   Can Can (from Orpheus In The Underworld) [trumpet 4tet]
   Canción del Pájaro (Song of the Bird) [Trumpet & Keyboard]
   Carol of the Merry Gentlemen [5 Trumpets]
   Centaurus [trumpet]
   Clair de Lune [6 Trumpets]
   Claire de Lune [trumpet]
   Classic Festival Solos Vol 1 [trumpet]
   Classic Festival Solos Vol 2 [trumpet piano accp]
   Classic Festival Solos Vol 2 [trumpet]
   Classical Quartets for All
   Classical Solos for Trumpet Vol 2 w/cd
   Classical Solos for Trumpet w/cd
   Concert and Contest Collection [trumpet/bari bc/tc accp]
   Concert Etude Op 49 [trumpet]
   Concert Repertoire For Brass Sextet [2nd trumpet]
   Concerto for Trumpet
   Concerto For Trumpet W/piano In Eb Major
   Concerto in D [Trumpet & Organ]
   Concerto in Eb Major [trumpet] Haydn
   Concoctions [solo trumpet]
   Conversation for Cornet [trumpet]
   Cornet Method
   Dauverne Solo Collection w/cd [bb/c trumpet]
   Deck the Hall [6 Trumpets]
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