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   101 Classical Themes [clarinet]
   18 Advanced Etudes w/cds [clarinet]
   20 Bagatelles [ 2 clarinets] Balazs - EMB Edition
   6 Duos Op 74 [clarinet duet] Devienne
   9 Tangos [clarinet quartet]
   Air on the G String [clarinet quartet]
   Air On The G String [clarinet] Bach
   Air'em Scar'em [clarinet 4tet]
   Allegro from Quartet in F [clarinet quartet] Mozart/Johnston
   Allemande and Courante [clarinet]
   American String Quartet 2nd Mvmt No 12 Op 96 [clarinet quartet]
   American String Quartet 3rd Mvmt No 12 Op 96 [clarinet quartet]
   American String Quartet N 12 Mvmt 4 [clarinet 4tet]
   Andante & Rondo [clarinet] Fox
   Andante and Allegro [clarinet]
   Arabesques [clarinet] JeanJean
   Balkan Play-Along Clarinet w/cd
   Belwin Master Duets Vol 1 ESY [clarinet]
   Belwin Master Solos Vol 1 ESY [clarinet]
   Best Of Clarinet Classics: 20 Famous Concert Pieces For Clarinet And Piano
   Blue Monkey for Two Clarinets
   Bridal Chorus From Lohengrin [clarinet]
   Buddy DeFranco and You w/cd [clarinet] Music Minus One
   Canyon Echoes [2 Clarinets] Byrd
   Cape Cod Files [clarinet]
   Caprice [clarinet]
   Chamber Music For Three Clarinets Vol 1
   Chopin Famous Transcriptions [clarinet]
   Chromatic Fantasia & Fugue in D minor BWV 903 w/cd [clar ensem]
   Cielito Lindo [4 Clarinets, Bass Clarinet]
   Clarinet Solos Lv 2 / Pno Accomp Bk
   Clarinet Solos Lv 2 / Solo Bk
   Clarinet Sonata in F Minor Op 120 No 1 w/cd
   Classic Festival Solos Vol 1 [clarinet piano accp]
   Classic Festival Solos Vol 1 [clarinet]
   Classic Festival Solos Vol 2 [clarinet piano accp]
   Classic Festival Solos Vol 2 [clarinet]
   Classical Highlights [clarinet]
   Classical Solos for Clarinet
   Classical Solos for Clarinet Vol 2 w/cd
   Concert and Contest Collection [clarinet]
   Concert Etudes [clarinet] Kaplan
   Concertino [clarinet] Tartini - Boosey & Hawkes Edition
   Concertino Op 26 [clarinet] Weber
   Concertino Op 26 [clarinet] Weber
   Concertino Op 26 [clarinet] Weber - Schirmer Edition
   Concertino Op 26 w/CD [clarinet] Weber
   Concerto [Clarinet & Keyboard]
   Concerto for Clarinet (Landscapes with Blues) w/cd
   Concerto For Clarinet And Orchestra - Piano Red.
   Concerto for Clarinet K 622 w/cd
   Concerto In E Flat Op 36 [clarinet]
   Concerto K 622 [clarinet] Mozart
   Concerto K 622 [clarinet] Mozart/Bellison
   Concerto No 1 F Minor 1811 Version [clarinet]
   Concerto No 1 In F Minor Op 73 [clarinet] Weber - International Edition
   Concerto No 1 Op 73 [clarinet] Weber
   Concerto No 3 In Bb Major [clarinet] Stamitz - International Edition
   Concerto Op 110 [clarinet]
   Czardas No. 1 For 1 Or 2 Clarinets And Piano
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