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   12 Fantasies [flute]
   12 Fantasies For Flute
   15 Concert Pieces Complete Set [flute]
   15 Solos for Flute from the 20th Century
   24 Etudes for Flute Op 33
   24 Short Concert Pieces [flute/piano]
   24 Short Concert Pieces [flute]
   24 Short Concert Pieces For Flute [flute part only]
   40 Little Pieces in Progressive Order for Beginner Flutists CD Accp
   A Quickening Concerto For Flutes And Percussion
   Air on the G String [flute 4tet]
   Airs de Ballet d'Ascanio [flute]
   Album Of Sonatinas For Young Flutists
   Alchemist's Cauldron [flute 4tet]
   Alto and Bass Flute Solos 20 arrangements
   Amuse-Bouches For Flute, Oboe & Piano
   Ancient Airs and Dances Suite No 1 Passo mezzo e Mascherada
   Andante Kv 315 (285e) [flute] Mozart
   Andante Pastoral Et Scherzettino [flute] Taffanel
   Arabesque For Flute Solo
   Argentinian Tango and Folk Tunes for Flute
   Arioso Opera de P. I. Tchaikovski [flute]
   Arpeggione Sonata Mvmt 1 [flute ens]
   Ave Maria [flute trio]
   Ave Verum Corpus [2 Flutes & Keyboard]
   Bach Flute Solos w/cd
   Badinerie Bites Back [flute 4tet] Bach
   Balkan Play-Along Flute w/cd
   Barber of Seville [flute]
   Baroque And Classical Flute
   Baroque Flute Anthology Volume 1 w/cd [flute]
   Basilica Triptych For Flute and Organ
   Batman Theme [flute choir]
   Beethoven's Fifth Symphony [flute/violin/C inst]
   Belwin Master Duets Vol 1 [Flute]
   Belwin Master Duets Vol 2 [flute]
   Belwin Master Solos Vol 1 ADV [flute]
   Belwin Master Solos Vol 1 ESY [flute]
   Berceuse Op 6 [piccolo]
   Birds Of Paradise For Flute And Piano
   Boccherini Minuet [flute 4tet]
   Bolero [6 Flutes]
   Bonnie Tune [flute] Adler
   Cadenzas Concertos for Flute G Major KV313 and D Major KV314 [flute]
   Cadenzas for Mozart's Flute Concerto No. 2 in D Major, KV 314
   Cadenzas to Flute Concert in D Major K 314 [flute]
   Cadenzas to Flute Concertos K313 K314 K315 [flute]
   Can Can [flute 4tet]
   Can Can [flute]
   Canon [5 Flutes]
   Canon [flute duet w/keyboard]
   Cantabile et Presto [flute]
   Carmen Fantasy [flute] Borne - International Edition
   Celebrated Gavotte [flute]
   Chorale, Aubade and Noel [4 Flutes]
   Christmas in Minor Keys [flute]
   Cimarosa Suite [flute trio]
   Claire de Lune [flute or violin]
   Classic Festival Solos Vol 1 [flute]
   Classic Solos for Flute Vol 2 w/cd[flute]
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