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   18 Etudes Melodiques Op. 53 French Horn Elite Edition Ee3089
   2 Bagatelles
   22 Studies Melodic Fantasies Op. 58 French Horn Elite Edition Ee3215
   32 Studies French Horn Elite Edition Ee646
   4 Bassoon Rags
   4 Light Bassoon Pieces
   76 Trombones [concert band]
   A Charlie Brown Christmas
   A Gershwin Tribute to Love [Concert Band]
   A Holiday Montage [Concert Band]
   A Medieval Christmas
   A Moonshiner Laughs
   A Noel Night (O Holy Night) [conc band]
   A Northern Nocturne [Concert Band]
   A Reel of Spindrift, Sky
   Academic March
   Accent on Performance Classical Collection [Score]
   Achilles' Wrath
   Alan Silvestri - A Night at the Movies
   Alexander's Ragtime Band
   Alfred Jazz Play-Along Series, Vol. 5: Freddie Hubbard & More [Rhythm Section]
   All the Pretty Little Horses [Concert Band]
   All Through the Night [conc band]
   Alte Kameraden
   Anasazi Legend
   And All the Bells Shall Ring [conc band]
   Andante Grazioso [concert band]
   Android Attack
   Angels Sing
   Angels Sing
   Anubis [Concert Band]
   Aphorisms II
   Appalachian Folk Dance [conc band]
   Aquatica [Concert Band]
   Arlington (Where Giants Lie Sleeping)
   Arlington (Where Giants Lie Sleeping)
   As Tears Fall on Dawn's New Light
   At the Movies with Hans Zimmer [Concert Band]
   At the Movies with Hans Zimmer [Concert Band]
   Atlas (from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire)
   Autumn Music - Violin And Piano - Archive Edition
   Axion Esti
   Ballad 1 Set Of Parts [band]
   Banners On Parade
   Baroque Dances for 2 Soprano Recorders
   Bassoon Concerto In B Flat Bassoon And Piano Reduction
   Battle Quest
   Beloved Bass
   Benediction [Concert Band]
   Best Song Ever [Concert Band]
   Beyond the Clouds and Into the Heavens!
   Beyond the Clouds and Into the Heavens!
   Beyond the Darkness [conc band]
   Black Mast
   Blue Bossa
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