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   Frolic FED-P4
   A Splash of Color Bk 3 FED-MD1 [piano]
   Attention Grabbers Book 1 FED-PP [piano]
   Barnyard Strut FED-P1 [piano]
   Basically Blues FED-E1
   Bat That Ball! FED-P2 [Piano]
   Beehive FED-E1
   Bravissimo Book 2 FED-P4 [piano]
   Celebrated Piano Duets Bk 2 FED-E2 [1p4h] Vandall
   Celebrated Piano Duets Bk 4 FED-MED [1p4h] Vandall
   Dance of the Wind IMTA C/FED-E4
   Entertainer FED-VD1
   Excursions [piano] IMTA-F/FED MA1
   Fantasia in A Minor FED-MD2 [piano]
   Festival Collection 5 IMTA-C/D & FED-MD3 [Piano] (LI) w/CD
   Grand Duets Bk 2 FED-P2 [1p4h] Bober
   Harris Piano Classics Vol 6/A IMTA-D1/FED-MA1
   Impressions on Color FED-VD1
   In Recital Jazz Blues & Rags Bk 6 w/cd FED-MD2 [piano] (LI)
   Jazz, Rags & Blues Bk 5 FED-D2 [Piano]
   Just for Kids FED-P1/2 [piano]
   Just for Two Bk 1 FED-P1 [1p4h] Alexander
   Just for Two Bk 2 FED-E1 [1p4h] Alexander
   Just for Two Bk 3 FED-MD1 [1p4h] Alexander
   Lake At Evening Op 5 No 1 [piano] IMTA-F/FED-MA1
   Maple Leaf Rag FED-VD1
   Masters Of American Piano Music FED-VD2/MA1
   Musical Snapshots Book 2 IMTA C/Fed-E1
   Neat Beat FED-E3 [piano]
   Night Winds Op 5 No 3 [piano] IMTA-F/FED-MA1
   PBJ Blues FED-P3 [piano]
   Perceptive Detective FED-P1 [piano]
   Perky Turkey FED-PP [piano]
   Piece by Piece Book 1 FED-E2 [Piano]
   Piece by Piece Book 3 FED-MD1 [Piano]
   Ready for Ragtime FED-P3 [piano]
   Reflections FED-MD3 [piano]
   Sea Tempest FED-D1 [piano]
   Shadow Dance FED-VD2
   Suite For Piano IMTA-E/FED-MA1
   Toccatina Tag FED-E2 [piano]
   Treasures FED-E3 [piano]
   Tucson Toccata FED-MD2 [1p4h)
   Waltzing Windmills FED-E4
   Whirlwind FED-E2 [Piano]
   Williwaw FED-E2 [piano]
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