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   10 Preludes Op 23 IMTA-F/FED-MA1/MA2 [advanced piano] Rachmaninoff
   12 Etudes Op 39 FED-D2 [piano]
   12 Virtuoso Studies FED-MA1 [piano] MacDowell
   13 Preludes Op 32 IMTA-F/FED-MA1/MA2 [piano] Rachmaninoff
   3 Fantasies No 1 IMTA-E/FED-MA2
   36 Twentieth Century Pieces FED-VD2/MA2 [piano]
   5 Easy Duets FED-PP [elementary piano duet]
   5 Pieces Op 3 FED-VD2 (VAAP Ed) [piano] Rachmaninoff
   6 Fancies Op 7 FED-D1 [piano] MacDowell
   6th Street Stomp FED-D1 [late intermediate piano] Olson
   A Particularly Pleasing Piano Piece FED-PP [piano] Faber
   A Perfect 10 Bk 1 IMTA-A/B FED-P1/P3 [Piano] Bober
   A Perfect 10 Bk 3 IMTA-B FED-E1/E2 [Piano] Bober
   A Perfect 10 Bk 4 IMTA-C FED-E4 [Piano] Bober
   A Perfect 10 Bk 5 IMTA-D FED-MD3 [Piano] Bober
   A Perfect Storm FED-MED [1p4h - intermediate] Bober
   A Piece of Cake (walk) FED-E3 [Piano] Garcia
   Accent on the Seasons FED-MED [early intermediate piano] Gillock
   Accents Around the World IMTA-C FED-E4/MED [early intermediate piano] Gillock
   Alfred Premier Duet 1B FED-P2/P3 [piano duet]
   Alfred Premier Duet 2A FED-P3/P4/E1 [piano duet]
   Alfred Premier Jazz Rags & Blues 2B FED-P4 [piano] Mier
   Alfred Premier Jazz Rags & Blues 6 FED-MED [Piano]
   American Portraits FED-D2/VD1 [1p4h] Penn
   An American Sonatina FED-D1 [piano] Brown
   Animals Have Feelings Too IMTA-A FED-P2 [piano] Linn
   Anthology of American Piano Music FED-VD2/MA2 [Piano]
   At the Lake IMTA-A/FED - P1/P2/P3 [piano solos & duets] Pearce
   At the Piano With Scott Joplin FED-D2 [early advanced piano]
   At the Zoo FED-P1 [early elementary piano] Costley
   Attention Grabbers Bk 3 FED-E4 [early intermediate piano] Hidy
   Bagatelles Op 5 [piano] IMTA-E / FED-D1
   Ballade Op 46 FED-MA2 [piano] Barber
   Ballet from Orphee et Eurydice FED-D2 [1p4h]
   Barn Dance FED-E3 [early intermediate piano] Stevens
   Basketball Star FED-P2 [late elementary piano] Bober
   Bella Tarantella FED-E3 [1p4h - early intermediate] Matz
   Belwin Contest Winners Bk 1 IMTA-A FED-P2 [early elementary piano]
   Belwin Contest Winners Bk 4 IMTA-C3/MD2 [intermediate piano]
   Best of Carol Klose FED-MD2/MD3/D2 [intermediate piano solo]
   Best of In Recital Solos Bk 1 IMTA-A FED-P1 [early elementary piano]
   Best of In Recital Solos Bk 3 IMTA-B FED-E1 [late elementary piano]
   Best of In Recital Solos Bk 4 IMTA-C2 FED-E4 [early intermediate piano]
   Best of In Recital Solos Bk 5 IMTA-C2 FED-MD1 [intermediate piano]
   Best of In Recital Solos Bk 6 IMTA-D3/FED-D1 [late intermediate piano]
   Big Sky Montana FED-D2 [early advanced piano] Alexander
   Bigtime Favorites 4 FED-MED [intermediate piano] Faber
   Bigtime Rock 'n Roll 4 FED-MED [intermediate piano] Faber
   Bird's Eye FED-E2 [intermediate piano solo] Schinske
   Black Key Blast! FED-PP [pre-reading piano]
   Bravissimo! Bk 4 FED-MD1/MD2 [Intermediate piano] Brown
   Bumblebee Rumble FED-P4 [late elementary piano] Linn
   Carnival For Two FED-MD1 [1p4h - intermediate] Rollin
   Carnival Music FED-MA2 [piano] Rochberg
   Cat and the Mouse IMTA-E/FED-MA1 [piano]
   Celebrated Piano Duets Bk 1 FED-E2 [1p4h - elementary] Vandall
   Celebrated Piano Duets Bk 2 FED-E4 [late elementary 1p4h] Vandall
   Celebrated Piano Duets Bk 3 FED-E3 [1p4h - early intermediate] Vandall
   Celebrated Piano Duets Bk 5 FED-D1/D2 [1p4h - intermediate] Vandall
   Celebration Overture FED-MD3 [1p4h] Rollin
   Center Stage Bk 3 FED-E3 [intermediate piano] Mier
   Chicagoland FED-D1 [intermediate piano duet] Vandall
   Child's Garden Of Verses IMTA-A/B FED-P4 [elementary piano] Tan
   Chinese Dragons FED-MA2 [1p4h] Faber
   Chop Suey! FED-P1 [early elementary piano] Austin
   Classic Piano Repertoire Gillock FED-D1/D2/VD1 [intermediate piano]
   Classic Piano Repertoire Thompson FED-MD3/D1 [intermediate piano]
   Classic Solos in Style FED-E4 [early intermediate piano] Sprunger
   Classical Themes FED-MD1 [1p4h] w/cd
   Clog Dance FED-VD1 [piano] Hanson (ADV)
   Collected Works FED-MA2 [piano] Gottschalk
   Complete Rags FED-D1 [piano] Joplin
   Complete Works FED-VD1 [Piano] Gershwin
   Composer's Choice FED-E1/E2 [elementary piano] Miller
   Composer's Choice FED-MD1 [intermediate piano] Baumgartner
   Composer's Choice FED-MD1 [intermediate piano] Glenda Austin
   Composer's Choice FED-P4 [late elementary piano] Setliff
   Contest Winners for Two Bk 5 FED-MD1 [1p4h - late intermediate]
   Copland Piano Collection FED-MA2 [piano]
   Cowboy World FED-P2 [elem piano]
   Creepy Crocodile FED-P1 [early elementary piano] Rollin
   Curious Rumba FED-P2 [elementary piano] Rossi
   Dance Preludes FED-MA2 [1p4h] Brown
   Dancing Goblins IMTA-B2 FED-E1 [piano]
   Destination: Adventure! Bk 1 IMTA-B FED-P4/E1 [piano] Ricker
   Dinosaur Collection FED-E2 [piano] Cox
   Disney Piano Duets FED-MD2/MD3 [1p4h - intermediate]
   Diversions IMTA-D / FED-VD1
   Dixieland Duos FED-VD2 [1p4h]
   Dog Bone Draw FED-P4 [piano] Brooks-Turner
   Dolly Suite Op 56 FED-VD2/MA1 [1p4h] Faure (LI)
   Double Agent! FED-MED [piano duet] Siskind
   Duet Favorites Lv 1 FED-PP [1p4h - early elementary] Bastien
   Duet Favorites Lv 3 FED-E2 [piano duet 1p4h]
   Duet Repertoire Level 6 FED-MD3/D2 [1p4h]
   Duet Repertoire Lv 9 FED-MA2 [1p4h - early advanced]
   Duet Treasures Vol 1 FED-P4 [late elementary 1p4h]
   Duet Treasures Vol 2 FED-E4 [1p4h - intermediate]
   Easy For Two FED-P1 [1p4h - early elementary]
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