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   Frolic FED-P4
   10 Preludes Op 23 IMTA-F/FED-MA1/MA2 [advanced piano] Rachmaninoff
   12 Etudes Op 39 FED-D2/VD2 [piano]
   12 Virtuoso Studies FED-MA1 [piano] MacDowell
   13 Preludes Op 32 IMTA-F/FED-MA1/MA2
   5 Pieces Op 3 FED-VD2 (VAAP Ed) [piano]
   6 Fancies Op 7 FED-D1 [piano] MacDowell (ADV)
   A Bit Ragged FED-P4 [late elementary piano] Petot
   A Scary Sound FED-P1 [elementary piano] Brown
   A Splash of Color Bk 3 FED-MD1 [late intermediate piano] Alexander
   Accent on Classical FED-MD1 [early intermediate piano] Gillock
   Alley Cat Caper FED-P4 [early intermediate piano] Cruse
   Along the Mississippi FED-MD2 [late intermediate piano] Rossi
   Appalachian Sunrise FED-Med [intermediate piano] Schwabe
   Arabesque FED-Med [intermediate piano] Karp
   Arabian Nights FED-E2/IMTA-B2 [early intermediate piano] Costello
   Arkansas Dancer FED-MD1 [piano]
   At the Flea Circus FED-P3 [1p4h]
   At the Piano With Scott Joplin FED-D2 [piano] (LI-EA)
   Attention Grabbers Bk 1 FED-PP [elementary piano] Hidy
   Attention Grabbers Bk 2 IMTA-B2 / FED-E1 [late elementary piano]
   Bad News Blues FED-E3 [piano] Olson / EI
   Bagatelles Op 5 [piano] IMTA-E / FED-D1
   Ballade Op 46 FED-MA2 [piano] Barber
   Barnyard Strut FED-P1 [early elementary piano] Austin
   Basically Blues FED-E1 [late elementary piano] Biel
   Bat That Ball! FED-P2 [elementary piano] Rossi
   Beehive FED-E1 [late elementary piano] Mittelstaedt
   Beethoven's Ghost FED-E4 [1p4h - early intermediate] Johnson
   Black Key Express FED-E4 [intermediate piano] Garcia
   Blues Jazz Rock & Rags Bk 1 FED-P4 [late elementary piano] Watts
   Bravissimo Bk 2 FED-P4 [late elementary piano] Brown
   Brazilian Nights FED-MD1 [1p4h]
   Bubble Blues FED-P1 [early elementary piano] Weston
   C S Theme And Variations FED-VD2 [1p4h]
   Café Francais FED-E1 [early intermediate piano] Maiocco
   Caitlin's Smile FED-E3 [intermediate piano] Garcia
   Caprice a la Carte FED-P3 [late elementary piano] Alexander
   Cat and the Mouse [piano] IMTA-E/FED-MA1
   Celebrated Jazzy Solos Bk 1 FED-P3 [late elementary piano] Vandall
   Celebrated Jazzy Solos Bk 2 FED-P4 [late elementary piano] Vandall
   Celebrated Jazzy Solos Bk 5 FED-Med [intermediate piano] Vandall
   Celebrated Piano Duets Bk 2 FED-E2 [1p4h - late elementary] Vandall
   Celebrated Piano Duets Bk 4 FED-MED/MD1/D1/VD1 [1p4h - intermediate] Vandall
   Celebration Overture FED-VD1 [1p4h] Vandall
   Chimichanga Cha-Cha FED-P2 [elementary piano] Linn
   Circus Celebration FED-E2/MD1 [1p4h]
   Classic Duets Lv 2 FED-P3 / P4 [1p4h]
   Classic Piano Repertoire Gillock FED-D1/D2/VD1 [intermediate piano]
   Collected Works FED-MA2 [piano] Gottschalk
   Color Me Jazz Bk 1FED-P3 piano] Evans (LE)
   Complete Rags FED-D1 [piano]
   Contemporary Collage Vol 1 Bk 3 IMTA D/ FED-E4/MD2 [intermediate piano]
   Continental Suite w/cd FED-E4 [intermediate piano] Rocherolle
   Cowboy FED-E4[1p4h]
   Crazy Scientist FED-E2 [intermediate piano] Ballard
   Cuatros Rumores Hispanicos FED-D1 [piano]
   Dance of the Wind IMTA C / FED-E4 [intermediate piano] Brown
   Dances For Two Bk 1 FED-E2 [1p4h - early intermediate] Rollin
   Dancing on the Keys Bk 3 FED-MD3 [late intermediate piano] Rollin
   Danza Spiccato FED-D1 [Piano]
   David Carr Glover's Favorite Solos Bk 2 FED-P4 [ late elementary piano]
   Diversions IMTA-D / FED-VD1
   Dolly Suite Op 56 FED-VD2 [1p4h - advanced] Faure
   Dragon-Fire Fantasy FED-E3 [1p4h]
   Dreams from the Isles IMTA-D / FED-MD2 [late intermediate piano] Leaf
   Drifting Sunset Clouds FED-P3 [elementary piano] Hartsell
   Duet Favorites Lv 3 FED-E2 [1p4h]
   Duet Treasures Vol 1 FED-P3 / P4 [1p4h]
   Duets For Fun Bk 2 FED-PP [1p4h] Bastien
   Enchanted Wood FED-D2 [piano]
   Entertainer FED-VD1
   Especially in Jazzy Style Bk 1 FED-E2[early intermediatepiano] Alexander
   Especially in Jazzy Style Bk 2 FED-E4 [intermediate piano] Alexander
   Excursions [piano] IMTA-F/FED MA1
   Extra Special Day FED-PP [early elementary piano] Miller
   Famous & Fun Duets Bk 1 FED-P1 [1p4h]
   Famous & Fun Duets Bk 2 FED-P1 [1p4h]
   Famous & Fun Duets Bk 3 FED-P2 / P3 [1p4h]
   Famous & Fun Duets Bk 4 FED-E2/E3/E4 [1p4h]
   Fanfare Celebration FED-MD1 [1p4h]
   Fantasia FED-MA2 [piano] Lees
   Fantasia in A Minor FED-MD2 [intermediate piano] Hartsell
   Fantasy Pieces Op 3 FED-MA1
   Favorite Solos Bk 3 FED-MD2 [intermediate piano] Glover
   Festival Collection 4 IMTA-B/C/D FED-MD1/MD2 [intermediate piano]
   Festival Collection 5 IMTA-B/C/D/E & FED-MD3 [Piano] (LI) w/CD
   Festival Collection 6 FED-VD1 [piano] (LI-EA) w/CD
   Festival Collection 8 IMTA-E / FED-MA2
   Fiddle Faddle FED-D2 [1p4h] Anderson
   Fiesta FED-MD1 [late intermediate piano] Evans
   Firefly IMTA-D / FED-D1 [piano] Bilotti (LI)
   Five Character Pieces Of Alfredo Barili IMTA-D / FED-VD1
   Flower Duet FED-MED [1p4h]
   Footprints in the Snow FED-P4[late elementary piano] Linn
   Four Miniature Suites FED-P2 [elementary piano] Roubos
   Graceful Ghost Rag FED- MA1
   Grand Duets Bk 1 FED-PP / P1 [1p4h - early elementary] Bober
   Grand Duets Bk 2 FED-P2 [1p4h - elementary] Bober
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