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Repair Service On Site

14 Technicians in 5 stores with well over a hundred years experience between 'em. They've been repairing instruments and amplifiers for so long it's almost like they know what they're doing!

We have full time technicians working in the following locations:

Repairs in our Ames store are sent to Des Moines twice weekly.

Cover Your Investment
Purchase a Repair and Maintenance Plan for your child's student horn. If you are renting to own, leasing or own a beginning band instrument from Rieman Music, you are eligible for this program.

Repair and Maitenance Program

This program covers 100% parts and labor on any repairs or general maintenance to keep the instrument in good playing condition.
"R and M" as we call it, is also offered to customers who want to keep this invaluable service after their student band instruments have been paid off.
Click Here To Find Out More About Our R & M Program
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