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   Easy Jazz Conception for Flute w/cd
   Easy Jazz Conception For Bass w/cd
   Easy Jazz Conception for Clarinet w/cd
   Freeplay w/cd
   Gettin' It Together Vol 21 Book W/cds
   How To Play Jazz And Improvise Vol 1 w/cd
   II-V7-I Progression Vol 3 Book w/cd
   Indiana Vol 80 w/cd
   Intermediate Jazz Conception w/cd
   Jazz Conception for Clarinet w/cd
   Jazz Conception for Flute w/cd
   Lennie Niehaus Vol 92 w/cd
   Maiden Voyage Vol 54 Book W/cd
   Movin' On Vol 4 Book w/cd
   Mustang! [score only]
   Nothin' But Blues Vol 2 w/cd
   Payin' Dues Vol 15 Book W/cd
   Standards With Strings Vol 97 w/cd
   Yesterdays Vol 55 w/cd
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