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   335 Selected Melodious Progressive Vol 1 [f horn]
   335 Selected Melodious Progressive Vol 1 [f horn]
   40 Characteristic Etudes [french horn]
   60 Studies Book 1 [f horn]
   Boosey Brass Method [horn in f]
   Breeze-Easy Method F Horn Book 2
   Fingering Chart [f horn]
   Fingering Chart Elementary [f horn]
   Fingering Chart For French Horn
   First Book of Practical Studies for French Horn
   Horn Sight-Reading [f horn]
   Horn Solos Studies & Methods [cd sheet music]
   I Used To Play Horn w/cd
   Intermediate Studies for Developing Artists on the French Horn
   Pottag-hovey Method For French Horn Book 1
   Preparatory Melodies To Solo Work [f horn]
   Second Book Of Practical Studies [f horn] Getchell
   Sixty Selected Studies for Horn Book 1 w/cd
   Supplementary Studies [F Horn]
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