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   15 Advanced Embouchure Studies [trumpet] Hickman
   40 Studies [trumpet]
   50 Classical Studies for Trumpet
   A Modern Approach to Improvisation [trumpet]
   Arban Celebrated Method for Trumpet w/data cd New Authentic Edition
   Basic Fingering Chart for Trumpet
   Basic Training for Trumpet
   Breeze-Easy Method Trumpet Book 1
   Breeze-Easy Method Trumpet Book 2
   Bugler's Handbook [bugle]
   Chops Ultimate Guide to Building Tone, Technique and Flexibility
   Classic Trumpet Methods and Exercises [cd sheet music]
   Daily Warm-Ups and Routines for Trumpet
   Dozen a Day Trumpet w/CD
   Fingering Chart For Trumpet Full Range
   First Book Of Practical Studies For Trumpet
   Flashcards For Trumpet
   Flexus - Trumpet Calistenics for the Modern Improvisor w/cd
   Forty Progressive Etudes w/cd [trumpet]
   Four Famous Solos for the Developing Trumpet Player [Trumpet & Keyboard]
   Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band Play-Along Series: Trumpet, Vol. 2 [Trumpet]
   Grade by Grade 1 w/cd [trumpet]
   Grade by Grade 2 w/cd [trumpet]
   Grade by Grade Trumpet Grade 3 w/cd
   Grade by Grade Trumpet Grade 4 w/cd
   Grade by Grade Trumpet Grade 5 w/cd
   Graded Exercises and Studies for Trumpet and Other Valved Brass Instruments, Grade 1-4 [Trumpet]
   Improviser's Guide to Melodic Embellishment Vol 2 [TC inst]
   Learn As You Play Trumpet w/cd
   Method For Trumpet Bk 1 (warm-up Exercises And Etudes)
   Method For Trumpet Bk 1 (warm-up Exercises And Etudes)
   Mitchell on Trumpet Book 1 w/dvd (lessons 1-82)
   Mitchell on Trumpet Book 3 w/cd
   Playing Lead Trumpet DVD [Trumpet]
   Playing with Scales Level 1 w/online audio [trumpet]
   Practical Studies for Cornet and Trumpet, Book I (Spanish) [Trumpet]
   Practical Studies For The Trumpet
   Second Book Of Practical Studies [trumpet]
   Silent Brass System for Trumpet (Redesigned)
   Technical Studies for the Cornet [trumpet] Clarke
   Thirty-Six Celebrated Studies For Trumpet
   Trumpet Sound Effects w/online audio [trumpet]
   Twenty-Seven Groups of Exercises [trumpet
   Up-Grade! Trumpet, Grades 2-3 [Trumpet and Piano]
   Walter Beeler Method Book 1 [trumpet]
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