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   All Antica
   Andante And Rondo [bass clef]
   Classic Festival Solos Vol 1 [tuba piano accp]
   Classic Festival Solos Vol 1 [tuba]
   Classic Festival Solos Vol 2 [tuba]
   Classical Solos for Tuba (BC) Vol 2 w/cd
   Classical Solos for Tuba w/cd
   Concert and Contest Collection [tuba]
   Concert Etudes For Solo Tuba, Vol. 2
   Concertpiece [tuba]
   Fanfare [tuba quintet]
   First Year Flexduets [tuba]
   Kendor Recital Solos Tuba Piano Accompaniment
   Lyric Poem [5 Tubas]
   Lyrical Concerto [tuba]
   Play Along Canadian Brass [tuba]
   Sonata No 2 [tuba]
   Sonata No 4[tuba]
   Suite For Tuba [tuba] Haddad
   Take Five w/cds [tuba]
   Trios for All Occasions [3 Tubas]
   Tubafest Celebration Fanfare [tuba 4tet or 2 euph/2tuba]
   Twenty One Distinctive Duets for Tubas [Tuba]
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