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   101 Classical Themes [trombone]
   101 Jazz Songs [trombone]
   A Duet for Our Time [trombone choir] Ewazen
   A Hymn for the Lost and the Living [trombone choir] Ewazen
   Advanced Trombone Solos Vol 4 [trombone]
   Air on the G String [trombone quartet] Bach
   Allegro from Symphony No 7 [trombone]
   Amethyst [trombone/bari bc]
   Andante And Rondo [bass clef]
   Andante et Allegro [trombone] Barat
   Andante et Allegro [trombone] Ropartz/Shapiro
   Arioso And Caprice [trombone]
   Ballad for Bass Trombone
   Belwin Master Duets Vol 2 [trombone]
   Belwin Master Solos Vol 1 ESY [piano accp trombone]
   Belwin Master Solos Vol 1 ESY [trombone]
   Belwin Master Solos Vol 1 ITM [piano accp trombone]
   Blue Bells Of Scotland [trombone/bari bc]
   Canon [4 Trombones]
   Cantilena [trombone/bari bc]
   Cavatine Op 144 [trombone]
   Classic Festival Solos Vol 1 [trombone]
   Classic Festival Solos Vol 2 [trombone piano accp]
   Classic Festival Solos Vol 2 [trombone]
   Classical Solos for Trombone Vol 2 w/cd
   Classical Solos for Trombone w/cd
   Concert and Contest Collection [trombone accp]
   Concert and Contest Collection [trombone]
   Concerto [trombone] Rimsky-Korsakov
   Concerto for Trombone [trombone] Beckel Jr
   Concerto No 2 In Db [trombone] Blazhevich
   Drum Major March [trombone]
   Duo From Cantata No 78 [tromb]
   Est Meets West [snare]
   Fanfare And Flourishes [trombone/euphonium]
   Felix Variations [bass tbn]
   Festival Classics for Trombone
   First Festival Solos for Trombone w/cd
   First Year Flexduets [tbn/bassoon/bari bc]
   Grand Concerto [trombone/bassoon/bari bc]
   Improvising And Soloing In The Pocket w/dvd [bass clef inst]
   Intermezzo [trombone]
   Inveni David
   Just for Two Medium [2 Trombones] Marlatt
   Kendor Debut Solos w/mp3 [trombone piano accompaniment]
   Kendor Debut Solos w/mp3 [trombone]
   Lascia Ch'io Pianga [trombone]
   Longhorn Serenade w/cds [music minus one]
   Marigold [trombone/bari bc]
   Master Repertoire [trombone]
   Melodious Etudes for Trombone Book 2 Nos 61 - 90 w/cd
   Minuet and Trio [trombone]
   Moon River [trombone]
   Morceau Symphonique [trombone/bari bc-tc]
   Overture Petit [trombone]
   Pearl For Trombone/bari Bc W/piano By Va
   Pied Piper [trombone/baritone bc]
   Prankster [trombone]
   Prelude And Minuet [trombone/bari bc/trumpet]
   Rejoice the Lord Is King - Trombone Duet
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