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   6 Sonatas Vol 1 [bassoon]
   Capriccio [bassoon]
   Classic Festival Solos Vol 1 [bassoon piano accp]
   Classic Festival Solos Vol 1 [bassoon]
   Concerto [bassoon]
   Concerto [bassoon] Rivier
   Elegie (tone And Performance Studies No 10) [bassoon]
   Festival and Contest Solos [bassoon]
   Grand Concerto [trombone/bassoon/bari bc]
   Humoresque [bassoon]
   Introduction et polonaise [bassoon]
   Liebestraum [bassoon]
   Lyrical Concerto [bassoon]
   Minuet and Trio [bassoon]
   Notturno [bassoon]
   Poem [bassoon]
   Six Trios Op 4 [bassoon trio]
   Soliloquy for Solo Bassoon
   Solo pour le basson [bassoon]
   Solos For The Bassoon Player
   Sonata In F Minor Twv 41:f1 [bassoon]
   Sonatina [bassoon]
   Summer Serenade [bassoon]
   Sunset Song [bassoon]
   Take Two Bassoons [bassoon duet]
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