Yamaha MOXF8 Keyboard Synthesizer, 88-Key

    The Yamaha MOXF8 88 Key Synthesizer Workstation Keyboard provides some exciting upgrades to the popular MOX series, making it the ultimate performance keyboard! Yamaha gives the MOXF8 a MOTIF XF sound engine and Flash memory expandability, MIDI keyboard control, USB Audio/MIDI interfacing, onboard sequencing, and much more. The 88-key Graded Hammer Standard keyboard provides realistic response, much like the playing feel of an acoustic piano, with a heavy touch in the bass that changes to a light in the treble.

    Yamaha MOXF8 88 Key Workstation Keyboard Features

    • 88-key Graded Hammer Standard keyboard
    • MOTIF XF sound engine including pianos, EPs, strings, wind instruments, orchestral sounds, guitars, basses, and drums, and a variety of vintage and modern synth sounds
    • Range of new sounds from genres as diverse as orchestral and hip-hop
    • VCM technology simulates the effects of vintage EQs, compressors, and phasers
    • Vocoder effects to connect a mic to the A/D input and apply effects to your voice or create harmonies
    • Optional Flash board lets you add up to 1 GB of new samples
    • Built-in sequencer offers both real-time recording and step recording
    • Comes with a variety of music production software that allows you to integrate it with your computer setup
    • Built-in 4-in 2-out USB audio interface to record its internal sounds
    • Two dedicated audio inputs to capture guitars and vocals directly to your computer
    • Easy operation and comprehensive controls
    • 50 percent lighter than comparable MOTIF models
    MOTIF XF sound engine

    Detailed digital re-creations of two Yamaha grand pianos (a 9-ft CFIIIS and a 7-ft S6) give the MOXF8 remarkable acoustic piano sounds. Now containing a huge total of 741 MB of waveforms, and featuring all-new content, the MOXF offers 136 new voices including the superb S6 grand piano, keyboard sounds such as clavinets and organs, and a range of new sounds from genres as diverse as orchestral and hip-hop.

    VCM effects

    Yamaha’s proprietary VCM (Virtual Circuitry Modeling) technology simulates the effects of vintage EQs, compressors, and phasers at the circuit level. This technology has enabled Yamaha to improve the quality of the instruments in the MOXF by modeling the sonic texture of vintage analog compressors, EQs and stomp boxes right down to their component transistors and resistors. The MOXF8 also puts the high-quality effects found in Yamaha's industry-standard digital recording consoles at your fingertips, as well as the award-winning REV-X reverb found in the SPX2000. It even comes equipped with vocoder effects, allowing you to connect a microphone to the MOXF’s A/D input terminal and apply effects to your voice or create stunning harmonies.

    Flash memory expandability

    The Yamaha MOXF8 is compatible with the sound content developed for the MOTIF XF and MOX. The optional Flash board lets you add up to 1 GB of new samples to your MOXF to customize and tailor your sound set to your needs, using promotional contents like Yamaha’ s Inspiration In A Flash and CP1 Piano, as well as the many third party libraries for sale. Performance mode to enhance your creativity Performance mode allows you to combine multiple voices together (up to 4 parts) and play them on one MIDI channel, so that you can play dynamic layer sounds or even solos along with drums and bass backing tracks. With the interactive Arp engine, playing simple chords or even single notes gives you complete musical performances to inspire your creativity. The MOXF8 has 256 preset performances in a wide variety of music styles including rock, world, hip hop, jazz, and more. Built-in sequencer to give shape to your inspiration MOXF8 features a built-in sequencer that lets you produce high-quality music without the need for a computer or any other external devices. This powerful tool offers both real-time recording, which records your performance data as you play it, and step recording, which is suitable for recording precise phrases or other difficult passages. You can even record particularly creative performances directly to a song or pattern simply by pressing the [REC] button.

    A complete suite of bundled software

    The Yamaha MOXF8 keyboard comes with a variety of music production software that allows you to integrate it with your computer setup. These include the MOXF Editor for detailed editing of voice and mixing parameters, MOXF Remote Editor, a convenient tool that lets you edit and create control templates for your favorite VST instruments, and Remote Tools, which makes integration with Cubase software incredibly simple.

    A single USB cable for both Audio and MIDI connections

    A single USB cable is all you need to transmit both audio and MIDI data between the MOXF and your computer. The MOXF8 features a built-in 4-in 2-out USB audio interface so you can record its internal sounds, and two dedicated audio inputs that can be used to capture guitars and vocals all recorded directly to your computer. Digitally record the sounds of the MOXF and anything connected to its stereo analog inputs straight to your favorite recording software.

    Far more than just a music production tool, the USB connectivity and in-depth keyboard controller functionality also lets you playback and control your VST soft synths via the audio outputs of your MOXF, allowing you to integrate VSTs into your live stage shows with no extra gear—just add a computer and play.

    Model: MOXF8
    Manufacturer: Yamaha
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    Price: $1,699.99
    Yamaha PSR-E353 61-note

    The PSR-E353 is jam-packed full of incredible instrument Voices, accompaniment Styles and fun features. It's an ideal Portable Keyboard for beginners and hobbyists, featuring touch sensitive keys, on-board lessons, computer and mobile device connectivity and much more.

    The PSR-E353 comes equipped with easy-to-use onboard lesson functions for beginning players, and comes with a touch-responsive keyboard that will satisfy more experienced musicians. In addition to enjoying comprehensive library of 573 instrument Voices from around the world, you can also connect an audio player and play along with your favorite songs, or connect to iPhone/iPad or your PC to use with a variety of different apps and software.

    Model: PSR-E353
    Manufacturer: Yamaha
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    Regular Price: $299.00
    On Sale For $179.99
    Yamaha YPG-235 76-Key Portable Grand Keyboard

    The YPG-235 carries Yamaha's Portable Grand legacy with it's expanded features, upgraded action, and easy-to-move form. You get 76 piano-style keys with Graded Soft Touch action, a wide selection of Yamaha voices to play, and a 6-track song recorder. Dedicated portable grand button lets you instantly jump back to the grand piano voice during play. Add additional songs and play along using the built-in USB/MIDI port.

    Power Supply: PA-150 Power Cord (Not Included)*

    Model: YPG-235
    Manufacturer: Yamaha
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    Regular Price: $519.00
    On Sale For $249.99