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   101 Upright Bass Tips
   A Scale in Time [double bass]
   Enjoy The Double Bass Vol 2 Positions 3-5 w/cd
   Enjoy The Double Bass Vol 3 Method Positions 5.5-7 w/cd
   Enjoy The Double Bass Vol 4 Method Thumb Positions (no Cd)
   Essential Styles for the Drummer and Bassist 2 w/cd
   Essentials For Strings For String Bass
   Evolving Bassist {Millennium Edition}
   First Lessons w/cd [upright bass]
   Have Fun with the Double Bass Vol 1 w/play-along cd
   Have Fun with the Double Bass Vol 2 w/play-along cd
   Improve Your Sight-Reading! Double Bass, Grade 1-5 [Double Bass]
   Jazz Conception for Bass w/cd
   Killer Technique [string bass]
   Learning Together w/cd [Bass]
   Mastering the Bow (Part 1) Studies for Bass
   New Directions for Strings String Bass A
   New Method For String Bass Part 2
   Protocol: A Guide to the Collegiate Audition Process [double bass]
   String Explorer Book 1 [double bass]
   String Explorer Book 2 [double bass]
   Superior Strings in Sixteen Weeks
   Suzuki Bass Vol 5 [String Bass]
   The Notation of Harmonics for Double Bass [String Bass]
   Thumb Position Exercises For The Double Bass
   Upright Bass Wall Chart
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